Dear Zontians,

We have just returned feeling rejuvenated and energised after a very successful Convention in Yokohama. District 25 had a delegation of 50 members. The largest ever delegation from the District to a Convention. Thank you to all our D25 delegates for attending the convention. This was a great opportunity for us to learn about the projects undertaken by other clubs and districts, learn about ZI plans for the future, network and meet old friends and make new ones.

Thank you for this great opportunity to serve Zonta and I am proud to be your Governor in this exciting centennial Biennium 2018-2020. We have a mixed board of Directors and Committee Chairs, those who come with many years of experience and some who are first timers.

There are many challenges ahead in our District that need to be addressed.

We are the fourth smallest district with a membership of 463 members, and our top priority would be to raise this number, by increasing the membership in the smaller clubs and adding on new clubs.

As we approach the Centennial year of Zonta in 2019, we need to ensure that we continue to be relevant. Our membership needs to focus on our goal of empowering women and girls. Our total focus should be on carrying out Zonta “A” service and advocacy projects. If your project is not an “A” project, then please give it up.

Let’s build leaders. Leadership development should be a priority in clubs. Please include this in your club’s activities and motivate your members to take on club positions.

I believe that with a concerted effort of our entire membership we will be able to overcome these challenges and build a great District in this biennium.

Best regards

Shahnaz Nathani

District 25 Governor

2018 – 2020

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